Cutaneous Epithelioid Angiomatous Nodule with Unusual Localization


  • Songul Peltek Ozer Department of Pathology, Izzet Baysal Traning and Research Hospital, Golkoy, Bolu, Turkey.


Cutaneous epithelioid angiomatous nodule, Labium minus, trauma, Cystic lesion, Hemorrhagic, Nuclear atypia


Abstract: Brenn and Fletcher described cutaneous epithelioid angiomatous nodule (CEAN) as a benign vascular proliferation that was in 2004. It is very rare condition. It is characterized by endothelial cells that have histiocytoid appearance. It is generally found in the dermis or sub cutis and rarely, in visceral organs. Despite the etiology of CEAN is not clear, it is considered as a reactive entity and no association with either infection, trauma or immunosuppression has been described yet. A 76-year-old woman visited hospital for routine examination. The physician noticed an erythematous nodule on the upper part of her right labium minus which appears like a cystic lesion. Histopathological examination revealed a relatively circumscribed, unencapsulated, unilobular vascular lesion which is in the superficial dermis. There were also moderately lymphoplasmacytic infiltration on the background. There were also scattered extravasated erytrocytes around. Positive stained for CD34, CD31 and negative stained for HHV-8 (performed to rule out a possibility of Kaposi sarcoma), pancytokeratin and s-100 were prominent in epithelioid cells. The overall histopathological appearance was consistent with CEAN and there was not any previous report CEAN occurring at this area.




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