Application of Jean Watson Theory on Patient with Polytrauma

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Shama Nazmeen
Tayyab Iqbal
Jamila Fatima
Bushra Sultan


Abstract: Nursing is emerging as a distinct health profession that has its own unique values, knowledge, and practice. Application of nursing theories into practice help the nurses to understand their unique contribution to health care settings. Watson’s theory is an example of theory based nursing practice that can enhance human health and healing in stressful life events, such as the moment when patient in this case realized his inability to mobilize. The purpose of this case study was to assess the application of Watson’s theory during the implementation of nursing care in patients with polytrauma. This case study presents the application of Watson’s Theory on patient with polytrauma. Watson’s theoretical concepts i.e. caring process and clinical caritas contributed effectively in providing care to the patients in stressful life situations.

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Nazmeen S, Iqbal T, Fatima J, Sultan B. Application of Jean Watson Theory on Patient with Polytrauma. Nat J Health Sci [Internet]. 2024Jun.28 [cited 2024Jul.19];9(2):137-9. Available from:
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