Mental Health Challenges due to Health Care Discrimination among Transgender Youth: A Selective Review

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Mehak Aqsa
Nida Shoaib
Sameera Ali Rizvi
Manisha Juriasinghani
Muhammad Ismail Khan


Abstract: Background: Transgender youth face various difficulties including mental health due to discrimination in healthcare settings because of their gender orientation. This review investigates the mental health of transgender youth and health care discrimination leading to inadequate health care.

Materials and Methods: The study complied with the latest publications using PRISMA reporting guidelines. For the selective review, 19 articles were selected over the last five years (between 2017 and 2022) which were primarily focused on mental health challenges and lack of health care due to health care discrimination among transgender youth. The study included publications at a global level, citing the global articles first, followed by Asia. The study only took into account biological and/or non-biological factors for the young transgender community, including both male and female factors.

Result: All 19 articles confirmed the positive significance of the Mental Health of the transgender youth community due to discrimination meanwhile, 08 articles mainly indicated about lack of healthcare or unfair healthcare in settings due to being transgender along with mental health concerns. This review identified the differences in mental health and discrimination that the transgender population faces.

Conclusion: As a reform, lower levels of depression and suicidality have been associated with social transition and having access to gender-affirming medical treatment. However, policies affecting this young transgender minority, who experience mental and social prejudice, must be changed. Multilevel intervention should also be advocated to address both of these severe issues.

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Aqsa M, Shoaib N, Rizvi SA, Juriasinghani M, Khan MI. Mental Health Challenges due to Health Care Discrimination among Transgender Youth: A Selective Review. Nat J Health Sci [Internet]. 2024Jun.28 [cited 2024Jul.19];9(2):121-30. Available from:
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