Current Situation in the Struggle against Novel Coronavirus Infection (Covid-19)

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Gulali Aktas


The lives of billions in the world have become to change by the end of 2019, almost two years ago, after novel coronavirus (Covid-19) infection emerged in Wuhan, China. Covid-19 caused about 33 millions of infection and 1000040 deaths worldwide within 10 months of the pandemic [1]. By December 18th of 2021, number of the infected subjects and deaths rose up to 274 million and 5364119, respectively [2]. Despite its devastating effect on human life, not even a single drug has shown significant enough efficacy against Covid-19 to change the course of the pandemic. However, some new agents and repurposed drugs were able to show efficacy to some extent. In the past 2 years, we have noticed that many Covid-19 cases have actually recovered without any treatment other than general measures. Indeed, most young and middle-aged people survive the disease mildly, yet the disease
can be severe in people with advanced age and who have significant additional comorbidities. That’s why, one of the most important things to do while waiting for the pandemic to end is to take and maintain measures to prevent the spread of
Covid-19 in societies. Nevertheless, as the outbreak progressed, we began to consider Covid-19-related deaths as
ordinary. Unfortunately, we also loosen the tight measures to control the disease.

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